One Thousand Words or So

Waxing Poetic

I started writing a poem the day before yesterday. Words of Madeleine L’Engle had inspired me, and they seemed to tie in with that breakup situation involving my daughter’s friend. Two years ago, Dennis got me a couple of special edition Moleskine notebooks for Christmas, and I baptized one that very night with a poem.… Read More Waxing Poetic

My Poetry

Logos in Reserve

My word hoard continues to grow. Soon there will be no room for me. The stack is becoming too big, too teetering, too good-for-someday only. I try to add nothing, try to take nothing. I need the silence, but can’t remember where I put it.   Originally published 24 February 2016

My Poetry

Singing the Chants

My mother held on to the past like she was clutching a baby to her breast, trying to keep it an infant forever. The bone china teacups never broke, never got stained, never got used. The pewter dish, shaped liked the sixties (a wedding gift not to her taste), never left its box or the… Read More Singing the Chants

My Poetry

Perpetual Motion Machine

Well, here we are again. Another tragedy has set the same, tired cycle in motion. Soon enough, it will spin on its own; the secret of perpetual motion will be unlocked. There will be no pauses, breaks, constitutionals, or even slowing. Candles are lit, names are called, insults are flung, pat answers are given by… Read More Perpetual Motion Machine