One Thousand Words or So

I Gave it Legs

It’s Saturday, and I’m out of bed before 9:30. I wonder what I’ll accomplish today. Last night, as usual, I sat up in bed and read. I’m about at the halfway point of Mark Helprin’s 800-page novel, A Soldier of the Great War. At this point in the book, Alessandro and his sister, Luciana, are… Read More I Gave it Legs

My Poetry

Singing the Chants

My mother held on to the past like she was clutching a baby to her breast, trying to keep it an infant forever. The bone china teacups never broke, never got stained, never got used. The pewter dish, shaped liked the sixties (a wedding gift not to her taste), never left its box or the… Read More Singing the Chants

Talking to Myself

Silly Rabbit

•••Each day is new, with no mistakes in it. Take a picture.••• I have 87 images in the 2017-08-01 folder in Lightroom, three photos uploaded to Flickr today, two to Instagram, and one to Poetic Anatomy. But from here on out, no more counting. — “How many pages have I produced?” Steven Pressfield asks rhetorically… Read More Silly Rabbit