One Thousand Words or So

A Reply

It seems like ages ago, but it’s really only about two weeks, I think, that Jessica sent me a link to a Magnum Photos post by Gueorgui Pinkhassov and asked what I thought of it. I didn’t have much of a response then, but I had not given the piece enough attention. I’d like to… Read More A Reply

One Thousand Words or So

Who We Are

My friend Jessica once mentioned that God deals with individuals, but the devil doesn’t. Satan is content with anyone he can get claws into. It doesn’t matter who the person is, what he or she looks like, and names are unimportant. The devil is concerned with numbers. He wants quantity over quality; social justice over… Read More Who We Are

Talking to Myself

To War

Taking the boys out for haircuts today gave me time to pull out the copy of The War of Art that I keep in my tote. I read only the introduction, but it tugged at me and reminded that I once wanted to dissect the book, writing about it to see what I could get… Read More To War