One Thousand Words or So


I somehow managed to catch a cold. The scratchiness in my throat, accompanied by a little cough began last night. Today, it continues. I’m tired and achy, but I attribute those symptoms more to my recent ice and snow removal labor and the lack of sleep I got last night. When I awoke at 1:30… Read More Tired

One Thousand Words or So

Round and Round

It’s one of those days in which I can’t seem to accomplish much. Tomorrow will be worse. It’s 9:30 p.m. I have a memory card to download but little else. Maybe I’ll resort to the strategy I used yesterday, killing two birds with one stone: digging up inspiration and removing another tab from my browser.… Read More Round and Round

Just Some of the Words

Three Books

Yesterday, I made time for Count Alexander Ilych Rostov, reading a chapter in A Gentleman in Moscow before two in the afternoon. It gets more intriguing with each page I turn. On page 72, the Count has a lovely little conversation about school (of which I am not a fan), with his nine-year-old friend, Nina:… Read More Three Books