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Straight and Zigzag

It has been a busy day. Here we are at nearly 10 p.m., and the kids and I are waiting for the pizzas to come out of the oven. I had planned on focusing on the second half of Eugene Vodolazkin’s First Things post, “The New Middle Ages,” but as I read through it, I realize that I’ve pretty much covered it all.

Instead, I’ll share a little about my day, I guess. I got outside this afternoon to work on the ice, just as Sam and I did yesterday. Bits and pieces are better than no progress at all. When I started (around 2:00?), the sun had been shining all day, so the bond between the ice and the driveway was not terribly strong. The thin layer of water between the two made it relatively easy to remove the ice in big chunks (so it was chice). By the time I finished, about an hour later, the temperature had dropped enough that the layer of water had started freezing again, and the ice removal became progressively more difficult. In fact, when I first stepped outside, I went to work trying to clear the walkway leading to the front steps. I managed to remove ice from maybe three square feet, but the area immediately filled with water. When I headed back inside, that water was topped with a thin sheet of ice.

Before brewing a pot of tea, Bridget and I went to Petco to return the wire dog pen we had set up in the family room for the times we need to leave Andi unsupervised. Dennis set up a video camera to record her when we went to Mass. He had it programmed to record for two minutes after being activated by motion. When we got home from church, we were able to watch Andi get up from her bed a few times and wander around the pen. She also tested her boundaries by getting on her hind legs and putting her front paws atop the wire walls, then trying to jump. Soon enough, she’d be able to make the leap. That’s why the dog pen got returned. I would have bought a folding wire kennel, but was too shocked by the price, which, in the store, was nearly twice what I would have had to pay from Petco online. When I got home, I ordered a kennel from Amazon for even less. I ordered a few other things, and yes, one was a book.

Before dinner (yes, at 10ish), I got out my sewing machine for two reasons: to add some stitching to an art journal spread and to teach Stella how to use the machine. Last night, she told me that she wished she knew how to sew, and I told her that maybe I’d teach her today. Not wanting to disappoint her, I made sure we got around to it. She did an excellent job, sewing straighter seams that I usually do. When Stella’s bobbin ran out of thread and I told it was time to put the machine away, she said she wished we could get it out and sew every day. I thought, “Sometimes I wish the same thing.”

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