Hello, my name is Cheryl Ruffing, and this is just part of my story.

A few years ago, a friend hauled me down a photography road littered with questions about art, truth, and beauty. (I almost capitalized those three words, but I’m beginning to think that capitalization is overrated.) Sometimes I want to go back to the crossroads and ignore that turn I took. Things looked good (clean and easy) up ahead on the route I was already traveling.

But we can’t go back, can we? All we can really do is take that next step, and at this point, I need to decide if I’m going to continue on or get off the road and seek shelter. While the safety offered by the latter choice is incredibly tempting, I’ve been there before, and I’ve found that it’s like a booth in McDonald’s (not that I’ve sat in one in more than a decade): comfortable for a little while.

I need to keep going and find out where the road will take me.

Oh, and I have a tendency to compartmentalize, so this is not my only blog/website. Here are three more: The Ruff Draft, Fragrance that the Violet Sheds, and Ruff Edge Design